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Julio Victoria - On Balance

Label: Victoria

Tracklist: Spiral / On Balance / Swim Welles (Swimming Version) / Silueta.

About Album:

With On Balance, Julio Victoria's latest EP, he delivers his most introspective and beautiful tracks with an energetic and powerful vibe. The album’s cinematographic sensation illustrates meticulous attention to the art of production, combining varied components of electronic music. Full of different and unusual beats that start off strong and stay powerful until the very end of the tracks


Julio Victoria - Indigo

Label: Victoria

Tracklist: Intro / Separate Ways / Secreto / Sur / Subspace / Pasajero 1973 / Índigo

About Album:

An album immersed in organic sounds, collected through experiences that involve the deepest feelings, INDIGO is an album that leads to new sensations.

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Julio Victoria -  (Live Band) & La Nueva Filarmonia

Label: Victoria

Tracklist: Cello Tension / Subspace / Swim Welles / Separate Ways / Ciel / Sur

/ Secreto

About Album:

Live Band project with philarmonic musicians, Julio Victoria makes powerful and beautiful electronic musicn with his featuring