Julio Victoria was born in the countryside of the Colombian coffee growing region. A couple of years later, fortune would take him to the south of Germany where he discovered the Plattentasche record store. There, over several years, began a musical journey of discovery. It was a point of no return for Victoria, one that would lead him to dedicate his life, completely, to house and techno, to selection and production.

Very quickly, Victoria climbed to the top of his country’s music scene, not only as a DJ, but also as a Musical Productor. With his raw but always melodic and layered cuts, he secured himself a slot at Boiler Room Colombia and established a large following through successful sets at national (Sónar Bogotá, Nuits Sonores Colombia, Estereo Picnic, BAUM) and international (Dimensions in Croatia, Kolorádó Fesztivál in Hungary, Comunité in Tulum, III Points in Miami) festivals. As a follower of composers like Iannis Xenakis and Krzystof Penderecki, Victoria’s music has filled Printworks in London, Contact in Tokyo, Concrete in Paris, Zukunft in Zurich, Jagger in Oslo, Larm in Budapest, Truth in Johannesburg and Output in New York. His score for the film Berlin – Die Symphonie der Grobstadt, presented by the Goethe Institut Kolumbien, further illustrates his versatility and vision.

That same perspective has led Julio to transcend beyond the dance floor, taking up non-traditional and iconic stages of Bogotá. With his live experimental project, which represents the sound gathering of multiple cultures, and involves several native instruments that merge with rhythms and bases from Detroit, Chicago and Berlin, he has managed to fill places such as Bogotá’s Planetarium and the Teatro Colón. In 2019, he also launched a project that takes electronic music workshops to children from Ciudad Bolívar, one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Bogotá.

Julio Victoria starts 2020 by marking a new chapter in his career, one that will surely not take long to get the fruits he has harvested over the last decade. In April he will release Índigo, his debut album and first reference of his new label, Victoria. A work that pushes thoroughly the limits of conventional techno and house, combining different native instruments such as the harp and marimba with more contemporary currents. A firm intention to redefine the concept of Colombian electronic music.